MasterChef's Minoli De Silva Is Back On Our Screens

The reality TV star-turned-restaurateur returns to TV alongside another familiar face.

MasterChef star Minoli De Silva is on The Cook Up With Adam Liaw on SBS

Minoli De Silva. Image Source: Jiwon Kim/SBS

There's no question that some of our favourite celebrity chefs and foodies have been discovered on MasterChef Australia, and Minoli De Silva is definitely one of them.

The Sri Lankan Australian competed on MasterChef in 2021, before returning for the 'Fans vs Favourites' season in 2022. Now, the Darwin-based restaurateur is returning to the small screen.

Yes, you probably guessed it! De Silva's back on TV on another cooking show, but it's not with Channel 10 this time around. Instead, she'll be appearing on The Cook Up With Adam Liaw on SBS.

Of course, there's still a special MasterChef connection there, with host Liaw having won MasterChef Season 2 back in 2010. He's now in his sixth season of the SBS program, which features him having candid and entertaining conversations with celebrity friends and culinary icons, all while enjoying some hearty and delicious meals together.

In this particular episode called The Ultimate Curry Night, Liaw will be joined by De Silva and Narin 'Jack' Kulasai, the head chef and owner of Sydney Thai restaurant, Porkfat. Expect some mouthwatering moments and serious curry cravings after watching this ep, as De Silva's set to cook her signature goat curry on the show.

In 2022, De Silva opened her own Darwin restaurant, Ella by Minoli, which serves modern Sri Lankan dishes. Born in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka before moving to Australia with her family when she was six, the TV star and chef grew up appreciating the rich flavours of her mother's traditional Sri Lankan cooking. The name of her restaurant is inspired by the small town of Ella in Sri Lanka, with a post on the eatery's official Instagram account reading, "Inspired by Minoli's Sri Lankan heritage and the captivating essence of the picturesque town of Ella, our menu captures the essence of this beautiful town and it’s people." 

Her appearance on The Cook Up With Adam Liaw comes just a few weeks ahead of the premiere of Season 16 of MasterChef Australia on Monday, April 22. With judges Andy Allen, Poh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin and Jean-Christophe Novelli, we’re expecting a new feel to the reality cooking show that enters its 16th season in Australia. With the likes of Kishwar Chowdhury, Justin Narayan and Depinder Chhibber having also forged successful careers after MasterChef, here’s hoping there are some more talented South Asian home cooks whose journeys we can follow when MC returns. 

Minoli De Silva appears on The Cook Up With Adam Liaw on Friday, March 29 at 7pm on SBS and SBS On Demand.