The 'Khichdi 2' Cast Lift The Lid On The Secret Behind A Great Comedy Sequel

Supriya Pathak, Jamnadas Majethia and Anang Desai chat about the film as it arrives on ZEE5 Global.

The cast of Khichdi 2

The cast of Khichdi 2. Image Source: ZEE5 Global

Introducing a sequel to any film is always going to be a challenge. In the case of creating Khichdi 2, the stakes were inevitably going to be high.

As the first film in Hindi cinema to be based on a TV series, 2010’s original Khichdi movie has long been a fan favourite. Its cult following in India and across the diaspora has grown to love an onscreen Gujarati family that makes the best of the most absurd and confusing situations. To follow this with a sequel 13 years later is no easy feat, especially when audiences have high expectations.  

“There's always pressure because when you do a sequel, people always expect much more,” actor and producer Jamnadas Majethia tells Draw Your Box.

After releasing in cinemas late last year, Khichdi 2 is now streaming for viewers to watch at home on ZEE5 Global. 

Majethia, who portrays Himanshu in the film, says that the Khichdi 2 team not only had to consider an established audience who has “enjoyed it over a period of years”, but also a new generation of viewers. Given the first movie has always been known for its humour, the creators and cast needed to adapt to new cultural influences this time around, to ensure their content is funny for the masses in a contemporary context. 

“You have to always be very relevant. You have to be very fresh,” he says, explaining that embracing social media has been a huge element of this approach. 

“It does scare you initially, that whatever you're making is right or wrong, but the minute we were together,” says Majethia, “there was much confidence [when] holding hands and we could create wonders this time again”. 

Supriya Pathak, who plays loveable Hansa in the Khichdi franchise, says she’s very aware of the connection fans have with Hansa and her signature “innocence and child-like” qualities. 

“I think my personal endeavour is basically not to let my audiences down,” says Pathak. “As a character, what they [the audiences] want from Hansa, well I should be able to provide that.” 

Playing Hansa not only allows Pathak to give back to viewers, but also serves as a very self-rewarding experience as an actor. 

“The thing that Hansa gives me is that just being happy is a possibility,” she reflects. “You put her into any situation and she will find her own happiness in it, which is a beautiful quality of a person. 

Similarly, co-star Anang Desai has a strong connection to his character, Babuji, crediting the role for catapulting his success in comedy

“I love everything about my character. It’s a very unusual role which I have portrayed and it has given me a new identity as an actor in the comic genre,” says Desai. “I haven’t done too many comedy roles before. This is the one which has given me that identity, which I love very much.” 

Waiting over a decade may seem rather long for a sequel to such a celebrated film, but all three actors believe the timing of Khichdi 2 couldn’t be more perfect. At a time when the world continues to grapple with unprecedented events of crisis, comedy can be a form of escapism. 

“In today's time and with the way we are going, the only thing that can really make us all survive as a species is a good comedy,” says Pathak. Citing the COVID-19 pandemic as a particular time of turmoil for many, the actor says she recalls some fans telling her that watching Khichdi actually helped them get through it. 

“During the pandemic, I met so many people who just said, ‘It was terrible. We were having so many problems and then all we used to do was watch a scene of Khichdi.’”

Adding to this, Majethia says governments around the world should allocate a budget towards creating comedy films in the interest of people’s “mental health”. 

“Every country, every government should have a budget sanctioned for making comedy,” he says. 

Speaking of making more comedy, does this mean a Khichdi 3 could soon be on the horizon? 

“Oh yes, we all are actually waiting,” laughs Majethia. “But let this Khichdi be consumed properly by people again and again… [then] let's come across a right script which can take it a few notches higher than this. But very soon, it’s on the cards.” 

Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan is now streaming on ZEE5 Global