Brown Women Comedy Returns In 2024... And You Can Expect Some 'Besharam Behaviour'

More than 10 South Asian female comedians will take to the stage at comedy festivals across Australia.

Brown Women Comedy

Image Source: Brown Women Comedy

After a stellar reception at Melbourne International Comedy Festival last year, Brown Women Comedy is back in 2024. What's more, the new all-female lineup of South Asian comedians from Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan heritage will take to the stage not just in the Victorian capital, but in Adelaide and Sydney as well.

First up are 12 days of brown gal giggles at Adelaide Fringe Fest between March 5 and March 17. Across various days are a fun mix of nine comedians on the mic at Adelaide Fringe hot spot Gluttony, including Daizy Maan, Leela Varghese, Kushi Venkatesh, Yasmin Kassim, Amna Bee, Sashi Perera, Shyaire Ganglani, Aarti Vincent and Kru Harale.

Melbournians can expect Brown Women Comedy shows across 16 days between April 6 and April 21. With a few changes to the lineup, there are 10 comedians performing in this run at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, including Daizy Maan, Yasmin Kassim, Gauri B, Sashi Perera, Shyaire Ganglani, Urvi Majumdar, Aarti Vincent, Jess, Kru Harale and Kripa Krithivasan.

As for Sydney, the fun continues in the harbour city between May 8 and May 12 and we're stoked to hear that the Sydney Comedy Festival will become a new home for this diverse, and long overdue female-centric comedy.

Organised by Australian South Asian Centre co-founder Daizy Maan, Brown Women Comedy has already teased how far it will go to challenge the stereotype that brown women aren't funny, plus all of the other stigmas they face on a daily basis.

On its official Instagram page, the comedy show has unveiled its Adelaide fringe lineup as "award-winning besharam comedians".

"For the fortunate white people or rare South Asians with loving parents who were never accused of being besharam (the term means shameless)," reads the post. "Reported examples of ‘besharam behaviour’ include bringing a white boy home (unless you’re over 30, in which case anyone will do), wearing a top that reveals your belly (unless it’s a 7 meter-long sari that covers everything except your belly) or when your chapatis turn out anything but round."

As a taste of what to expect, the post promises that "these women comedians will inspire you to reclaim your ‘besharam behaviour’ and make white people slightly uncomfortable".

"Don’t leave your tickets until last minute. Instead, buy them now - like how white women crashed the internet for Taylor Swift."

When speaking to Draw Your Box last year, Maan noted the desperate need for more diversity, and particularly South Asian representation in the Aussie comedy scene.

"There are more than 540 comedy acts at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and only three to four South Asian Australian women comedians," she said at the time. "This [lack of representation] is common across the arts and startup scene across Australia."

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