South Asian Australian Designer Nails The Identity Struggle Many Of Us Face

South Asian Australian designer Tamanna has superbly explained the identity struggle that many children of immigrants face in Western countries.

In a recent Instagram post shared by the founder of 'Tamanna The Label', she asked her followers: "When you’ve grown up with two opposing cultures, where does one end and the other begin?"

"It doesn’t - but most of us have been compartmentalising ourselves for as long as we can remember," she wrote. "I know for a fact that there is a version of myself that I play at home, and then there’s the 'outside me."

Tamanna said those who have "grown up in conservative households" know exactly why they have to live a double life of sorts, but she hopes to use her brand to provoke further discussion about the intersection of cultures and identity.

"Going forward, I want to make sure that TTL is that space where we can explore the interactions of our two cultures, instead of constantly denying one or the other," she said.

"This goes deeper than just throwing some clothes together. My hope is that we will be empowered through a sense of community of people who have grown up with similar experiences whilst we work to break the vicious cycle of living for an older generation."

For those who aren't so familiar with Tamanna's work, it boasts a collection of bold silhouettes, gorgeous silk and impeccable attention to detail. She even dressed US-based influencer Deepica Mutyala in a beautiful orange sari for Diwali.

Check out 'Tamanna The Label' here and some incredible looks below: