People are saying Gladys Berejiklian's election win is 'paving the way for other women of colour in politics'

Gladys Berejiklian has made history this state election weekend, becoming the first female elected Premier of New South Wales.

The 48-year-old daughter of Armenian immigrants has since been congratulated online, not only for leading the Coalition to victory, but setting an example for other women of colour who aspire to make a mark in politics.

"Congratulations to @GladysB It’s no small achievement to be elected the first female Premier of NSW in her own right and a culturally diverse one at that," tweeted lawyer and diversity and inclusion consultant, Mariam Veiszadeh.

"Let it pave the way for other women of colour of all persuasions to consider entering politics."

Her tweet was met with mixed reactions, some of course agreeing with the sentiment.

"Whatever your political persuasion, you have to agree that it’s totally fantastic that the daughter of Armenian immigrants can become one our nation’s most powerful & respected leaders," one person tweeted.

However others struggled to agree because of the Premier's policies. 

"Gracious sentiments & fine, & gender, cultural diversity etc fine. But that in no way makes up for ineptitude, incompetence, corruption, extremely poor policies of @LiberalNSW @LiberalAus," tweeted another.

As for the Armenian community, Ms Berejiklian's victory is testament to the progress of multiculturalism in Australia and they couldn't be more proud.

"The Armenian community of New South Wales is filled with joy, as support for Ms Berejiklian extends beyond party politics - the opportunity for an Armenian-Australian, for 'Our Gladys' to be elected was too big not to get completely behind," Haig Kayserian, executive director of the Armenian National Committee of Australia, told SBS. 

"It’s a sense of pride to have an Armenian in such a position of power in what is a G20 nation."