CALD Community Voices Celebrates Single Mothers' Strength & Grace At Melbourne Event

“The vibrant energy and active engagement from the audience were nothing short of remarkable.” 

Niru Tripathi, Founder and President of CALD Community Voices

Niru Tripathi, Founder and President of CALD Community Voices. Image Source: Supplied

Draw Your Box was a media partner for the CALD Community Voices' “Single Mum's Journey: Strength and Grace” event held in Melbourne on Saturday May, 4.

When it comes to single mothers – particularly in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities – there are often stereotypes and stigmas embedded in the narrative around them. 

One of the aims of Melbourne-based organisation, CALD Community Voices, is to quash the various negative connotations around being a single mum. In doing so, it hosted the "Single Mum's Journey: Strength and Grace," event last week, where single mothers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds were honoured for their remarkable resilience and courage.

“I am truly overwhelmed by the resounding success of our ''Single Mum’s Journey: Strength and Grace'' event,”  said Niru Tripathi, Founder and President of CALD Community Voices. “The vibrant energy and active engagement from the audience were nothing short of remarkable.” 

Tripathi welcomed attendees and various speakers at the event, who spoke about a multitude of personal experiences and challenges about what is no doubt a very unique journey for all of them. 

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Keynote speaker Nandita Chakrabroty highlighted the significance of women's empowerment and resilience.

“When Niru asked me to speak about single motherhood, I found myself grappling with the difficulty of summarising such a deeply personal journey. Every woman's experience is inherently unique, shaped by a multitude of circumstances and choices that defy easy categorisation. Yet, amidst the diversity of our stories, there remains a common thread of resilience and strength,” said Chakrabroty.

“Women of every colour and creed, in any corner of the world, are often made to bear the burden of blame and shame in the aftermath of divorce or loss. Victimised and witch-hunted, they find themselves ostracised by society, with even close friends turning cold in the face of adversity. Yet, despite the weight of newfound responsibilities and the heaviness of a heart burdened by grief, these women persevere.”

Nandita Chakrabroty

Nandita Chakrabroty. Image Source: Supplied

Other speakers included Jenny Davidson, CEO of the Council of Single Mothers and their Children and Vivine Nyguen AM, VMC Chairperson. Steph Power, Monica Karla, and Suad Altayp Rejk also spoke about single motherhood, while Bobby Lama facilitated the panel discussion. Roopa Kamath delivered a moving recitation of her poetry and the event also featured the screening of a short film written by Niru Tripathi and directed by John Kiran Joseph, which featured an engaging mother-daughter duet dance performance. 

Supported by Merri-bek City Council and Australia Nepal Public Link (ANPL), with gifts supplied by Priya Kalyanimath's Punar,  the event was a monumental success and CALD Community Voices says this is just the start of more events that embrace multiculturalism and local community voices.

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