Meet The Winners Of The ASAC Stellar South Asian Women Awards

The theme of the awards was 'It Takes A Village' – a nod to the power of community and collaboration.

It was a night of true celebration in Melbourne on Wednesday, November 29 as brown women from across the country united for the 2023 Australia’s Stellar South Asian Women Awards.

Actors Menik Gooneratne and Yasmin Kassim MC'd the event hosted by the Australian South Asian Centre at Queen Victoria Women's Centre, with the winners unveiled across nine categories.

The theme of the 2023 awards was 'It Takes A Village' – a nod to the power of community and collaboration.

“​This year's awards theme #ItTakesAVillage identifies not only the stellar women but everyone who has helped them along the way,” said the awards night’s organiser, Australian South Asian Centre. “It takes a village to make us who we are and our success lifts everyone along with us!” 

The 2023 awards featured nine categories: Content Creator, Community & Advocacy, Business & Entrepreneurship, Sports & Fitness, Arts & Culture, STEM, Journalism & Literature, International, and Global Impact. There was also a special mention for late entrepreneur and mental health advocate, Pyrawy Sivarajah.

Categories were judged by three incredibly inspiring South Asian women. They were Amrit Gill, Creative Program Lead at City of Melbourne, Dr Amandeep Hansra, a practising GP and an expert in digital health and innovation, and Chaman Sidhu, a non-executive director, advisor and legal and governance professional. ASAC also made a special thank you on the night to the international finalists including Sagina Walyat who flew in from India specifically for the awards.

Regardless of the results, all of the women nominated are leaders, creatives and founders who are pushing boundaries, striving for excellence, and leaving a lasting impact that elevates the community around them. 

“These women are paving the way for the next generation of South Asian community leaders. What and who we celebrate and recognise as a community is a powerful message of what matters most,” said the Australian South Asian Centre. 

“We aim to amplify the voices of change makers whilst also inspiring others to take action on their ideas of making the world around them a better place. The awards exist to recognise emerging and established South Asian creatives, activists, founders and leaders whose voices and work are a force of good.” 

Check out the list of winners below.


Anuradha Gonadeniya Hewage
Digital Content Creator | Volunteer Program Assistant @ Future Forte Australia

Devni Wimalasena – WINNER
Human Rights Activist | Writer & Speaker | Juris Doctor Candidate

Nitasha Malik
Founder & Owner, TashMakeupHair

Ridhima Khanna
Public figure


Jatinder Kaur – WINNER
Director of JK Diversity Consultants | Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Manorani Guy
Founder & President, VicWISE

Nazia Ahmed
CEO, SOULAB | Co-founder of Her Kitchen Table

Sabreen Hussain
Legal Advocacy Officer at Islamophobia Register Australia | Graduate Solicitor

Tasnia Alam Hannan
Co-Founder & COO, Arise Foundation | Lecturer, UNSW


Div Pillay
CEO, MindTribes

Kiranpreet Kaur Dhillon
Client Partner at AKQA

Paulwyn Devasundaram
Founder of Medoo

Vinita Baravkar
Founder, Bhumi Organic Cotton


Aish Ravi – WINNER
Founder and Director, Women’s Coaching Association

Nechal Gill
Head of Community Experience, Cricket NSW

Priya Gakhar
Dholi | Athlete| Survivor | Advocate


Nandita Chakraborty
Neurodivergent Indian Australian author and screenwriter

Rupa Parthasarathy
Founder & Art Therapist, Mindkshetra

Sashi Perera

Sonya Suares – WINNER
Performer | Producer | Director | Advocate


Aarti Bajaj
Clinical Director | Clinician |Artistic Director

Dr Anushi Rajapaksa
Founder and CEO, Misti

Ashna Basu – WINNER
Doctor, NSW Health

Dr Manasi Murthy Mittinty
Senior Lecturer, Flinders University


Angelica Silva – WINNER
Digital Journalist at ABC

Heena Bhojwani
Author/Illustrator/Business Owner Of Desi Pardesi Kids

Janika Fernando
Law Student and Writer

Simran Pasricha
Digital Content Producer & Writer at Zee Feed


Amy Singh
Poet & Peace Activist

Polly Harrar
Founder and CEO, The Sharan Project

Sagina Walyat – WINNER
Lawyer | Founder | PolicyAdvocate | Asia Global Fellow | AIYD

Shalini Mahtani
Founder and CEO, The Zubin Foundation


Aayushi Khillan
Founder & CEO of Body Buddies

Divya Pasupuleti
Executive Manager – Business Strategy and Enablement + nbn (National Broadband Network)

Noor Azizah – WINNER
Co-founder and director of the Rohingya Maìyafuìnor Collaborative Network


Pyrawy Sivarajah