Blogger Rowi Singh represents South Asian women at the ARIAs

The ARIA Awards are known just as much for the killer red carpet fashion as for the incredible tunes the local music industry produces.

Last week Australian-Indian blogger Rowi Singh was one of a few Swarovski influencers who attended Australian music’s night of nights, and we love how she proudly repped South Asian women.

In my past few years covering the ARIA Awards, there’s been a handful of female South Asian journalists (including myself) behind the rope reporting on the event, but I haven’t seen many out on the carpet posing for the paps.

As her official Max Connectors bio reads, “Rowi is a popular beauty and fashion influencer, who fuses her unique and eccentric sense of style with her Punjabi heritage”.

She’s also spoken out about the need for more diversity in Australia’s creative industries, and admits there’s barriers surrounding this issue that have posed as a challenge for her in her career.

“Australia also has a long way to go in terms of cultural diversity in the creative space,” she previously told Eka Society.

“I know there are brands out there that won’t work with me because I’m not tall, blonde, tanned and blue-eyed.”

Rowi’s helping change the landscape and we love her for that. Check out these shots of her slaying at the ARIAs.

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